Konrad Pumpe celebrates his 65th birthday

Happy Birthday Konrad Pumpe - our Managing Director turned 65. To mark the occasion, he invited family, friends, employees, and former retiring employees to lunch together. A somewhat different day at Konrad Pumpe GmbH - when the managing director...

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Commissioning of a major project in Denmark

Successful start for the team of Konrad Pumpe GmbH! After a total of four "BIG Mix V" solids feeders with a capacity of 126m³ each were escorted to a biogas plant in Køng/Denmark at the beginning of the year, the commissioning of the l...

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Saves time, saves straw - roughage metering with the UNI-Dos

Konrad Pumpe GmbH developed the UNI-Dos roughage dosing station to feed and keep pigs occupied with roughage. Equipped with modern control technology from Meyer-Lohne, individual dosing according to quantity, animal size and time is possible. Read the artic...

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SPD visits Konrad Pumpe GmbH

The parliamentary party leader of the SPD in North Rhine-Westphalia, Thomas Kutschaty, stopped off in Sendenhorst on his summer tour of the state. At the invitation of our SPD member of the state parliament, Annette Watermann-Krass, he visited Konrad Pumpe ...

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