Two BIG mix with 200m³ in France

In the Syddanmark region in Denmark, our fitters commissioned a plant consisting of two biomixers with a storage volume of 60m³. The mixers, which are made of stainless steel, feed a shredding unit with a capacity of up to 35m³/h via the...

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Pallet rack - System Jolk

The dimensions of the Jolk pallet racking are based on the pallet dimensions 1100x700 mm (DxW). With classic pallet racking, you have direct access to each individual pallet (First In - First Out). Jolk pallet racking designs for your ware...

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Start of expansion of the companies' premises

To optimise our logistics and delivery traffic, a wider and larger access road to our premises on Schörmelweg in Sendenhorst will be built in the coming months. As an additional expansion, the construction of a new warehouse in the south of the site is...

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