First commission on Funen in Denmark

The team of Konrad Pumpe GmbH congratulates on the first commissioning of two solids feeders type BIG-Mix with a capacity of 118m³, each. Both solid feed units are equipped with a hydraulic cover and screw conveyor systems, all wetted parts a...

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Completion of the expansion of the company premises

With the completion of the pickling hall, vehicle and commissioning hall, parking area and the new exit for trucks, the conversion of the company premises has been completed for the time being.  ...

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Construction of an administration building

With the construction of a new administration building, the expansion of our company premises is progressing. In addition to numerous new jobs for our employees, a new tract of sanitary facilities will be built inside the building. ...

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Excursion to the Werse

At 14.06.2019 we made a trip with the whole company staff to the Werse, located in the neighboring village Albersloh. It was celebrated in convivial round, after canoeing together and having a barbecue. ...

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