Excursion to the Werse

At 14.06.2019 we made a trip with the whole company staff to the Werse, located in the neighboring village Albersloh. It was celebrated in convivial round, after canoeing together and having a barbecue. ...

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Shooting range for the St. John's Brotherhood

Due to official requirements, the brotherhood is no longer allowed to use its old shooting range. Konrad Pumpe GmbH designed and manufactured a new shooting range that complies with the regulations and was approved by the authorities. Th...

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New loading station for PET flakes

For one of our customers, we commissioned a new silo system with connected conveyor system for storing and loading of PET flakes in April. Thanks to the loading station we installed, trucks can now be loaded with a capacity of up to 50m³/h and greatly ...

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2x Biomixers with automatic crane filling

Already last year, the team of Konrad Pumpe GmbH in Denmark commissioned two biomixers with a capacity of 30m³ each. The two mixers, which were installed in a mirrored design next to a storage bunker, are filled by 2 automated cranes. The mix...

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